Some of the drugs seized.

The National Police have arrested six men who formed a group of dealers who had been specialising in the pushing of drugs in the centre of Palma. Raids on three addresses on 30 and 31 December resulted in the seizure of 214 ecstasy pills, 44.9 grams of ketamine, 12.8 grams of crystal meth, one card of LSD, 12.6 grams of a substance yet to be confirmed, plus 187.2 grams of hash, 6.2 grams of marijuana buds as well as 400 euros cash and a Taser type gun. In addition, there was a container for narcotic substance camouflaged as a spray can, two precision scales, various empty capsules for containing doses, anabolics and blank prescriptions.

The operation by the specialist unit at the Balearic National Police headquarters started in November and led to the arrest of two Spaniards who had acquired substances and were acting as intermediaries for distribution in Palma’s bars and clubs. Despite these arrests, the operation was kept open, with the gang seemingly looking to widen the radius of its distribution.

On 30 December, there was a further arrest of a pusher who was to sell drugs at New Year’s Eve parties. This police action confirmed the identity of the gangleader, a middle-aged Spaniard who was detained as he was leaving a gym that he frequented. A search of his home resulted in the seizure of significant amounts of drugs and in two more arrests: men of Bulgarian and Polish nationalities. Investigations have revealed that those detained regularly changed address in order to try and avoid detection.