With Sant Antoni Eve falling on a Saturday, more people than ever are expected to attend Manacor’s celebrations. In addition to this, the town has responded to the level four anti-terrorist alert that is in place across Spain and has stepped up security measures for the festivities.

From the time of the first demons’ dance at half past two on Saturday afternoon until the end of the animals’ blessings on Sunday, 33 local police and 20 National Police officers will be engaged in monitoring security. In addition, there will be plainclothes officers and a helicopter.  

One of the key events during the fiestas is the Completes (Compline) service in the parish church, for which there are to be special security measures. The capacity is a little under 1,700 people, who will not be allowed to enter with bags.

There is also an area reserved for the disabled, while this year sees the installing of public toilets in the church courtyard.

In all, there will be 72 bonfires in Manacor, seventeen of which are entered into the bonfires’ contest, plus three in Son Macià, three more in S’Illot and 37 in Porto Cristo.