The plane on one of its swoops over the city centre today.


The Majorca Daily Bulletin newsroom was inundated with calls today from concerned readers worried by a Swiss Air plane which spent most of the morning circling low over the centre of Palma. The Boeing 777-300 was actually on a Training flight but flying as low as 450 to 500 metres above the centre of the capital.

According to the Spanish airport authority Aena, the airline had asked for permission to conduct the training flights which will continue for the next few days. A spokesperson for Aena said: “These kind of tests are quite common in Palma and have been permitted before for other airlines which want to test out new aircraft and pilots. Aena grants the carrier permission, but the airline has to comply with the strict rules, regulations and time frame issued by the airport authority. The airline intends to continue to do tests over the next two days.”

This said, in response to the public Alarm caused by the plane, Palma City Council made an official complaint to the director of Son San Joan airport, Antonio Alvarez. A source for the town hall said: “Aena has explained that it is quite common for airlines  to train their pilots out of Palma but the airport authority has assured us that, over the next two days, the aircraft will increase its altitude and not fly so low over the capital.”