Today’s police anti-drugs operation.


The Guardia Civil is showing no signs of letting up in its war against drug smuggling, dealing and abuse in the Balearics. Armed members of the Guardia Civil narcotics and anti-serious crime squads swooped on a drugs den in Son Servera early this morning.

Over recent months, the local police and the Guardia Civil had received a mounting number of complaints about a steady flow of people, some of them apparently minors, visiting the property, allegedly to purchase drugs. Armed officers using a battering ram smashed their way into the suspect property in calle Creus and arrested a 58-year-old man and his 19-year-old son on charges of apparently dealing drugs and, according to sources close to the investigation, selling illegal substances and drugs to underage children.

“Operation Servei” was carried out by the Guardia Civil from Arta and, during the build-up to today’s move on the suspect target, the investigators had established that back in 2009 the father and son had both been caught up in another drugs operation.

According to some local neighbours, the drugs were available for purchase at any time of the day and that cars would pull up and stop in the middle of the street at all times. Apparently, the driver would always remain in the vehicle with the engine running in case the Guardia Civil showed up.

The Guardia Civil widened its net and discovered that minors from Cala Milllor were buying drugs on the premises, and this is when senior members of the force decided that action had to be taken. So, at 8am this morning, “Operation Servei” was given the green light to go.