The full council meeting of Calvia town hall has approved unanimously a motion presented by the Esquerra Oberta group (Open Left) that would see floating waterparks off the town's beaches removed.

The motion, seconded by all parties represented, calls on the town hall administration to review records pertaining to the scheme for the installation of floating aquatic games in order to check on their suitability, to consider contracts related to each of them and to cancel those that do not meet all requirements. At the same time, the meeting resolved that the administration should not once more put out to tender the installation of waterparks off any beach where it is found that requirements are not being met.

Rafel Sedano, the spokesperson for Esquerra Oberta, explained that in May 2014 a tender had been called to "occupy" the marine-land public domain with the intention that there would be services for the summer season and that there would be floating waterparks at the beaches of Oratori in Portals, Santa Ponsa, Magalluf, Palmanova, Es Carregador, Torà and Palmira.

Sedano argued that although these installations complied with legal requirements, this did not mean that they weren't excessive. The wording said that projects would not be in conflict with areas of coast contemplated within the Natura 2000 network, although the same document specified that the waterparks should be fixed in place by concrete blocks of more than 500 kilos placed on the seabed.

Since the waterparks were installed, Sedano added, it had been obvious residents and beachgoers were unhappy with them.