Maria Jose Maciá, territorial director for the Balearics of Banco Santander; Carmen Serra, president of Grupo Serra, (publishers of the Bulletin); Balearic president, Francina Armengol; Rami Aboukhair Hurtado, country head Spain, Banco Santander; and Paula Serra, director of the TV and radio arm of the Serra Group, who interviewed Armengol on stage during the event. | Joan Torres


Balearic president, Francina Armengol, today encouraged the Balearic business sector to continue working hard to ensure economic growth at an event organised by Banco Santander and Grupo Serra (publishers of the Bulletin) at the Hotel Valparaiso in Palma.

Armengol, in a keynote speech to more than 250 Balearic business leaders, said that now was the time to invest in the islands because of the good economic conditions and low interest rates. She underlined the fact that the islands were looking forward to a record holiday season and the local economy was continuing to prosper. However, she also called for the economic growth to be translated into well-being for the people of the islands. The Balearic president underlined the fact that the islands were open for business and said that local companies should continue to try and open export markets.

She congratulated all those present for their hard work and dedication during the “dark days” of the recession but stressed the fact that there was still work to be done in all areas. Armengol also said that her left-wing coalition government would continue to help the local business community.

Rami Hurtado, Country Head Spain of Banco Santander, thanked all those present for attending and said that their doors were always open to help the local business community.