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Emigration from the Balearics continues to rise. National statistics indicate that as of 1 January this year there were 8,442 Spaniards from the Balearics resident abroad. The year before there had been 7,429. Among these are children of immigrants born on the islands, which partly explains an increase in the level of emigration to countries such as Ecuador and Colombia.

But the bulk of Balearic citizens leaving for foreign destinations are going to Europe, and the UK is the favoured country, with 929 residents. Though the UK has the most number of Balearic migrants, there was a notable increase in the number moving to France last year as well.

Improvements to economic conditions have not reversed a trend that has been discernible since the start of the crisis. Since 2009, 3,385 Spanish nationals in the Balearics have left in search of better opportunities, an overall increase of 67%. The average rise for the country is 56%, indicating that emigration from the Balearics has been more pronounced. Of this 67%, the percentage going to Europe rose by more than 80%.

Out of the 1,013 who emigrated last year, 669 went to European countries. Most of them were young people in search of employment. France, Belgium, Germany and the UK, in that order, were the preferred countries.

But there has also been a significant number of people heading to the USA. Sixty-six went last year, bringing the total number of Balearic citizens in the USA to 545.

Europe has 4,302 of the 8.442 Balearic migrants, the American continent has 3,613, while Asia and Oceania between them have 395 and Africa has the fewest.