Es Trenc beach. | Nila Garc


Following the regional environment ministry's presentation of the draft for a law concerning the Es Trenc nature park, the Partido Popular's Marga Prohens has responded to the limits to car parking that are envisaged. She believes that the 1,500 parking places will be insufficient, especially as there are at present some 2,000 for beachgoers with cars.

Prohens, considering the ministry's proposals yesterday, observed that consensus needs to be arrived at with owners of land in what corresponds to the park. Most of this, she said, is private. It was important, therefore, that the opinion of owners who are affected should be sought. She added, though, that the PP needs to learn "in depth" from the government exactly what the bill will entail.

She said that it could have positive points, such as the regulation of parking and vehicle access, but that there could also be some delicate issues, e.g. consequences for owners.

On a related topic - the tourist tax - Prohens explained that Campos is a municipality which has very little by way of tourist hotel stock. Consequently, the town hall receives only small amounts of income from tourism, yet it has to look after beaches that are used by thousands of visitors. Because of this, she argued that Campos should receive financial compensation. The PP had presented an amendment to the sustainable tourism tax law that was aimed to address precisely this issue. Under it, Campos (and any other municipality in a similar situation) should have a specific tax revenue allocation. The amendment was rejected.