Uncontrolled car hire concerns. | Gemma Andreu


The Balearic Transport Businesses Federation (FEBT) is concerned about foreign transport operators entering the Majorcan market; in particular, Portuguese and Turkish companies. The federation has, therefore, written to the national ministry of development in seeking information about these foreign coach operators and whether their arrival in Majorca conforms with European law.

One of these companies is Portugal's Greenbus. It has two parking spaces at Palma airport and plans to undertake the movement of more than 400,000 European tourists on behalf of the British operator Hoppa.

The FEBT is planning to take the matter up next week with the regional government's commission for "intrusion". "We want to find out if Turkey has some sort of bilateral agreement with the EU that allows its companies to operate. We want everyone to abide with current laws in terms of both labour and tax regulations," says Salvador Servera of the FEBT.

With Majorca anticipating such high levels of tourist demand this season, the whole of the tourism industry is looking to capture as much business as possible, and this has affected the transport sector. It isn't only coach operators, as the French Drivy has entered the local market as a competitor to car-hire firms. It enables private individuals to hire out their cars and operates in a similar style to Airbnb for accommodation and Uber.

The FEBT says that this type of uncontrolled car hire affects all of the transport sector and that it hopes the regional government's commission will arrive at "appropriate decisions" in addressing it.