Long weekend tailbacks. | Miquel A. Cañellas


Following the traffic chaos last Saturday caused by the Mallorca 312 cycling trial and with the Ironman triathlon taking place this coming Saturday, the Council of Majorca has announced that it will be developing regulations to "bring order" to sports events using roads. In a statement, the Council has acknowledged that the situation last Saturday resulted in a great deal of inconvenience for the public and also for tourists (non-cycling ones). It is necessary, therefore, to "to reflect on and balance the importance of cycling with the public's daily life".

The Council has also been stung by the level of criticism from certain town halls, so it is assuring that it will take into account town hall views in drafting these regulations. The statement goes on: "Everyone has to be taken into account. There will be participation by the Council, the national government's delegation to the Balearics, the regional government, the town halls, the public, sporting federations and event promoters."

"The main objective of the regulations will be to balance different interests. There is an importance for the Majorcan economy through sustainable tourism and a lengthening of the season, with a great showcasing of the island's landscape. But we are aware of the inconvenience caused to the people of Majorca and to other tourists who did not take part in the trial."

The Mallorca 312 event led to road closures of up to four hours. These triggered hundreds of complaints. There is currently a process of compiling reports from different administrations before considering what the regulations might be.