It is one of the very best of Majorca's fiesta events, Capdepera's Mediaeval Market. Held since 2000, it has become highly popular and really does give a sense of mediaeval times.

Based in the castle and nearby, the actual market is from 10.30am on Saturday and 10am on Sunday. It has artisan craft and products - ironwork, woollens, musical instruments, palm work and much more.

Saturday's entertainment starts with a parade by pipers and whistlers at 10.30am. In the evening, there are "devilish" processions with fire "people" at 9.30pm and a Celtic music concert at midnight in the Plaça Menjua.

On Sunday, there will be mediaeval "personages" wandering around the castle and taking visitors by surprise from 1pm. At 5.30pm, there is Terrorifics, "horror in the street". At 7.30pm a batucada drum band in a parade from the castle, and at 8.30pm, "fiery fools", fire clowns in a procession.

All sorts of strange stuff besides, it's definitely worth a visit.