Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, is standing firm over strict controls of TV screens in bars, clubs and restaurants this summer, the issue having arisen primarily because of the Euro 2016 football tournament.

The rule is that no establishment can have screens either outside or facing out into the street. The mayor is insisting that this regulation is going to be strictly enforced and he has the full backing of the Partido Popular opposition. They agree that this is one means of reducing any tension in Magalluf, especially during the tournament.

Screens can and do attract large crowds who block pavements and streets and who can also cause anti-social behaviour. Some smaller bars have complained that the rule is unfair and will only help larger establishments which have scores of screens inside.

Hotels, for their part, have made no comment. They have their own large screens and don't expect the regulation to affect them.

The mayor is asking for the smaller businesses to be understanding and cooperative.