Additional National Police officers have been drafted in to Playa de Palma for many years. | Alejandro Sepulveda


National Police chiefs in Palma today denied that they were having problems finding accommodation for reinforcements for the summer police operation. In an official communiqué, the National Police denied that "overbooking" along Playa de Palma, where the extra police usually stay, is causing any problems.

In the statement it was pointed out that over the past two years large numbers of extra police have been deployed to Palma for the Nóos corruption case and various other major security operations. For these reasons alternative accommodation has had to be found and the budget enlarged accordingly.

The police also underlined that their relationship with the hoteliers in Playa de Palma is as strong as ever and that the "cooperation is continual". Reports earlier in the week had suggested that there were issues with finding accommodation, partly because one hotel - the Ayron - and associated hotels had been sold. It was also suggested that an interior ministry payment of 45 euros per night was on the low side.