Problems with mugging remain in Magalluf despite all the crackdowns. | Michels


The Guardia Civil's criminal police in Calvia have arrested a thirty-year-old Senegalese man following a major search operation in Magalluf's Punta Ballena that took place on Wednesday night.

The man, described as a "giant" on account of being some two metres tall, has been responsible it is alleged for attacks on tourists - specifically drunken British ones - in the resort. These have involved taking the victims by surprise by coming up behind them and then choking them to the point of senselessness before accomplices robbed them. He is believed to have carried out at least four such attacks.

The investigation in fact started last summer when there was a series of attacks. After high season finished, there were no more attacks, but in May there were four of an identical nature. All the British tourists had been out drinking along Punta Ballena. If the victims resisted, they would then be beaten up.

During Wednesday's operation, the Senegalese man was spotted and several officers restrained him and prevented him from using his considerable strength. He has been charged with four muggings and with the beatings of foreign tourists as well as with a drug-trafficking offence.

The Guardia are now also looking for the two accomplices.