A sadly familiar sight in Majorca in summer. A Canadair plane dropping water on the recent forest fire in Puigpunyent. | A. Sepulveda


The annual fire-prevention awareness campaign was launched by the Balearic environment ministry yesterday. Under the slogan "your safety depends on you", the campaign appeals to public responsibility while stressing the avoidance of negligence.

The regional government says that public commitment needs to be raised in the prevention of forest fires. So for this reason it is placing the emphasis on the individual to be responsible.

The campaign, which will run from 15 June to 15 August, will feature adverts on television and radio as well as in print and social media and on outdoor billboards. It isn't concentrating solely on forests as the potentially most dangerous fires arise where woodland is right by urban developments. Tourists are to also be addressed in order to heighten their awareness of fire risk. The campaign has a budget of 75,000 euros.

Since 2000, there have been all-year-round efforts made to promote fire prevention, but the risks are clearly greater under certain weather conditions and when forests are also in specific conditions, i.e. very dry in summer. As these conditions now exist, there is the need to hammer home the message and to emphasise that everyone is involved in fighting fires, not just public bodies.

"One person who acts in a poor or irresponsible fashion and starts a fire or does not provide the type of self-protection needed for a property can undo and damage all the work and collective effort."