In an industrialised world in which ethical barriers are crossed in the manufacture of many products, it is rare to find a shop like Caladan which sells bags and accessories that are respectful to animals and without chemical treatment.

Beautifully styled, designed and handcrafted, Caladan's ethically-sourced bags are intended to be a natural extension of customers' personalities and lifestyles. The design ethos embraces those little differences that make everyone an individual.

The bags and accessories are not only elegant, they are also designed with careful thought applied to how the bags are used, whether this be for a business trip, for the gym, for going out with friends or for special occasions. Their practical qualities come from close attention to detail.

But in addition to the elegance, the style and the uniqueness of each product is the fact that Caladan bags are sourced responsibly, with traditional production techniques used that are better for the environment.

Cattle farmers that Caladan works with are known to the company personally, and leather is chosen only from animals that roam freely on European pastures. The bases for the production are the towns of Ubrique and Alicante, two places in Spain that are historically associated with leather. These help to also keep air transportation to a minimum, thus benefiting the environment.

During production, the use of chemicals is avoided, the craftspeople deploying a chrome-free tanning process. Each Caladan bag gains its distinctive colour from dyes that occur naturally in organic materials such as vegetables and charcoal.

Caladan was founded when Kathrin Wetzel, frustrated by the selection of bags available for travel, discovered an old leather bag in the attic and was immediately struck by its timeless look and obvious craftsmanship. This gave rise to the idea for Caladan and for a journey to find ethical sourcing.

Caladan is at C. Ventada 38, Palma
Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am-3pm / 4pm-8pm. Sunday 2pm-8pm.
www.caladan-leather.com / info@caladan-leather.com