Police are really cracking down on group drinking on the beach and in the streets.


Since 10 June, there have been 163 violations of the bylaw on street drinking in Playa de Palma - on the front line street itself as well as the beach - which total 244,000 euros.

Mayor José Hila announced this at a press conference today and stressed that the police are focusing their efforts on groups who are drinking alcohol and not penalising someone on his or her own who might be drinking. By comparison with last year, the number of penalties issued has risen from eighteen.

Angelica Pastor, Palma's councillor for public safety, points out that although the local police's summer operation started three weeks ago, the data regarding the street drinking "botellón" apply only to the last week as the first two weeks involved an information campaign by the police.

On illegal selling, Pastor added that there have been a total of 320 offences in Playa de Palma and the city itself. These were for non-perishable items, such as counterfeit goods. There have also been for 143 offences for perishables.