The controlled explosion on the beach in Portals. | Michels


Beachgoers and bathers on Portals beach on Sunday evening were given a shock when a swimmer found a flare and the Guardia Civil Tedax bomb squad was called in.

The swimmer reported the find to the lifeguard at 6pm, who in turn informed the police. Within minutes the Guardia Civil and the local police were on the scene and immediately ordered that the beach be evacuated along with a nearby swimming pool. The area around the flare was cordoned off until the Guardia Civil bomb squad reached the scene and carried out a controlled explosion.

Eventually, at about 8pm, a large explosion was heard and flames leapt some five metres into the air as the explosion was finally carried put. A huge plume of smoke also wafted along the beach as scores of onlookers filmed the event or took pictures on their mobile phones.

According to Guardia Civil sources, the flare probably fell off a passing vessel. After the explosion, the beach was reopened and life returned to normal for a Sunday evening.