It seems as if Majorca is in for a short spell of particularly hot weather. | Archive

The definition of a heatwave varies from country to country. The Spanish definition is typically one of three consecutive days with temperatures of certain values greater than the norm for the time of year. What might seem to those of us enduring higher temperatures to be a heatwave may not in official terms, therefore, actually be one.

Given this, the meteorology agency Aemet is hedging its bets as to whether a heatwave has either started or is about to start. In parts of Spain it will have started, given highs of 38C across much of the mainland and the Canaries. It is suggesting, though, that as of today and probably until Wednesday there will be elevated temperatures in the Balearics. Parts of the Mediterranean could experience highs of 40C, though the Balearic Islands are not mentioned in this regard.

Cooler weather is expected to enter the northwest of the mainland on Tuesday and track across the country, meaning that by Thursday this cooler weather will have arrived in the Balearics.

The increase in temperatures in the Balearics, adds Aemet, will come after a week when temperatures have been lower than normal. But this isn't totally accurate. There was a drop last Wednesday and especially Thursday, but at the start of last week there were highs of up to 37C.