Majorca's grape harvest is expected to produce very good quantity and quality. | G. Mas


Majorca's wine producers are preparing for the grape harvest. This will start in the next few days, depending on area and grape variety. Everything points to there being a very good harvest in terms both of quantity and quality.

Unlike other cultivators, the wine producers have no particular issue with the water shortage. Indeed the lack of water can improve quality. If there is more water, then there is less concentration of sugars and aromas. José Luis Roses, president of the Binissalem DO council and owner of the José Luis Ferrer bodegas, says that the grapes will be smaller but of excellent quality.

If there was an issue with water, the regulatory councils for both the Binissalem DO and the Pla de Llevant DO were in any event given authorisation to irrigate vineyards. Water that has been needed has, therefore, been used without any problem.

The weather forecast is adding to wine producers' optimism, while meteorological conditions this summer have mostly been beneficial with midday temperatures above 30 degrees and nighttime temperatures under 20 degrees. These have allowed for proper maturation of the grapes. Low humidity levels and some windy days have also been advantageous.

The white Chardonnay and Moscatel grapes will be the first to be harvested. This is expected to start this weekend in the Pla de Llevant DO region as well as at some vineyards in Santa Maria and Biniali. Others in the Binissalem DO will wait a further week.

The harvest will last until early October with red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and the indigenous Gorgollassa being among the final ones to be picked.