Accumulation of rubbish in Palma. | Archive


The Pimeco association for small to medium-sized traders is calling for urgent improvements to the city's cleaning, arguing that the image of Palma has deteriorated in recent months. Its president, Bernat Coll, has requested a meeting with councillor Neus Truyol, the president of the Emaya municipal services agency, at which he will ask for an increase in street-cleaning personnel and an improvement in the system of household junk collection.

Pimeco says that residents and traders are faced on a daily basis with a lack of cleanliness, deficiencies in rubbish collection and failures to look after rubbish containers.

The current system of junk collection, criticised by other sources, notably the opposition Partido Popular, is inadequate in Pimeco's opinion. The sight of this junk on the streets is detrimental to the image of the city and of shops, who are therefore suffering from a lack of sales. The association implies that away from main centres, such as the Avenidas, there is a lack of attention and maintenance.

Accepting that anti-social behaviour is partly to blame, Pimeco attaches most of the blame to Emaya. It is stressing the need for greater vigilance to stop people from dumping junk and rubbish, adding that this is particularly necessary at a time when the city is full of tourists.