Just another thing for the emergency services to have to contend with in Arenal - rubbish containers being set on fire. | Grup Serra


Nine Germans were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Arenal's "calle Jamón" or "Schinkenstrasse" when a fight broke out between fans of rival football teams.

National and local police were called to the back of the Bierkönig club in what is officially named calle Pare Bartomeu Salvà when there was a violent clash shortly after midnight. The fighting escalated and involved bottles, glasses and stools. Despite what was a confusing scene with at times conflicting statements, police were able to identify nine principal perpetrators who were taken to court in Palma on Tuesday afternoon. Still wearing shirts for their respective teams, court security had to keep them apart.

All nine were ordered to pay 5,000 euros each and to leave the island, although they can't leave until the fines are paid as their passports have been impounded. There was significant damage caused as well as injuries, including police officers. One victim of the general affray required treatment at Son Espases Hospital.

Meanwhile, residents in Arenal are complaining that problems of noise, drunkenness and mess which have been occurring each summer are recurring this year despite promises that they would be tackled.

They point out that a year ago the town hall promised solutions and yet night after night (meaning into the early hours of every morning) it is the same story: "Masses of people, drinking in the streets, intolerable noise, vandalism, fights, problems for street-cleaning services, delays to public buses and constant deterioration of the image of Arenal."

Around the same time as the fight was occurring at the Bierkönig, various rubbish containers were set on fire. This was not, residents say, the first time this has happened and that fire crews have therefore had to be called out.

The complaints have been sent to the Playa de Palma monitoring committee with a message that residents believe that their health is being directly affected by the stress caused by the excesses being committed.