There's much talk about action against illegal sellers (and others) in Magalluf, but how much action really is there? | Michels


The Partido Popular opposition in Calvia and the Acotur tourist businesses' association are insisting that the town hall takes stronger measures against illegal street selling in the municipality's resorts - Magalluf and Santa Ponsa most obviously.

The PP's leader, José Manuel Ruiz, says these measures need to be urgently applied. "Residents and businesses are greatly concerned by an increase in this activity, for which the town hall has not adopted measures that will stamp it out."

Ruiz points out that specific bylaws related to the local police, good governance and behaviour identify sanctions to be taken against illegal selling. "However, the town hall is not applying effective measures for an illegal activity which can often also involve offences against public health."

Pepe Tirado, the president of Acotur, highlights the lack of security and order in the resorts and advocates the national government delegation to the Balearics urgently finding the means to increase the number of police officers, both local and from the Guardia Civil. He suggests that a lack of police is allowing illegal sellers, pickpockets, tiqueteros and others to have a field day.