The incident occurred on the coast road from Alcudia to Puerto Pollensa.

23-08-2016Vasil Vasilev

The Guardia Civil have opened a full investigation into the death of a 63-year-old British woman, Hillary J., who was knocked down and killed today along the sea front road which runs between Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa.

The tragic accident happened at 08.35 not far from the popular restaurant Can Cuarassa.

According to emergency service sources, the victim had been speed walking with a friend when they suddenly crossed the road in an area where there are no traffic signs right into the path of an oncoming Mercedes Sprinter van which was unable to avoid colliding with the woman.

She suffered serious multiple injuries and the local police, Guardia Civil, a member of the local PAC medical centre and a team of 061 paramedics were quickly on the scene. They battled to save her life but sadly there was nothing that could be done.

The Guardia Civil's Trafico closed one of the lanes off to traffic while the emergency services cared for the injured woman and later as officers gathered evidence from the scene. The Guardia Civil questioned a number of eye witnesses as well as the 32-year-old van driver.


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Adam / Hace over 5 years

Very sad news, sincere condolences to the family. I came back from a bike ride that morning to Club Del Sol hotel and heard had been fatality. There really needs to be clear physical separation all along the front between Alcudia and Puerto Pollenca with new much much improved cycle and pedestrian path.

Like what has happened at main Puerto Pollenca front but still plenty of work to do there as again confusing in places for all road users hence conflict.

Really hope improvements can be made.


Jan Amtrup / Hace over 5 years

Very sad, my condolences to the victims family. When this is said, I agree, this is a very scary and dangerous part of the road between PP and Alcudia.

Cyclist going both ways on the same side, runners pedestrians, low season bigger groups of cyclist staying on the road (or even worse on the cyclist lane, tourist admiring the beautiful view, and then the rest ,that just want to GET somewhere in as short a time as possible.

And then people crossing the road for kiting, windsurfing and more.

Scary. I don think its possible to do that kind of multi traffic without accidents.

What about the new renovated street from the PP harbour along the beach ? One way, but cyclist in both directions on same side, what happens, when the big groups of cyclists arrive in September/October going direction to PP harbour... ? They will stay on the middle of the road or not?, this is very confusing for all.

It should be so relaxing to be in PP, but safety is poor. This worries me.


Ron / Hace over 5 years

This is so very sad. But no number of roundabouts will prevent British tourists looking the wrong way before crossing. With the windsurfing and camp there speed restrictions are needed as the road is long, straight and drivers are admiring the lovely views. The Cala San Vicente junction has claimed lives before, and as mentioned coming out from or entering into Lidl/Eroski from the Puerto/Pollensa road is an absolute nightmare - especially now with so many tourists. Many Brits just cannot handle junctions where you come on and leave at the same spot. Of course this happens on motorways all over the island. However, hopefully yesterday's accident may have a good outcome. Pollensa lawyer Joan Cifre - leader of the local PSOE has just been appointed Minister for Carreteras in our government. He will be very aware of those problems locally and getting things done with the enormous budget he will be given will be a challenge for him. And if he gets those black spots attended to, it will be a fitting memorial to that poor lady and her family, who only came here for a relaxing holiday. Let's see if his heart really is in the job!


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Oliver, they can lower the speed limit to 17 kph, but accidents will still occur.

What are really needed are roundabouts at that intersection, the one where the Pollensa road joins the road, and especially at the Cala San Vicente intersection.

One opposite Lidl / Eroski wouldn´t be a bad idea either.


ann / Hace over 5 years

so tragic .. wont be the last accident to accident waiting is at Lidl n Eroski (pollensa road)... why is there not a pedestrian crossing there??..some of us have to bus it, god help elderly or anyone with children trying to cross this road..its a nightmare


Oliver / Hace over 5 years

Sadly i witnessed the aftermath of this this morning. Very tragic. I live right there and that road is so dangerous i will be starting a petition to lower the speed limit at that intersection. Its. 70 zone but people often drive much faster. Would any one be interested in supporting a petiton to lower the speed limit here?