Town hall is accused of neglecting Playa de Palma. | Archive


Hoteliers in Playa de Palma are blaming town hall neglect for the poor state of the resort area and voicing concerns as to the lack of street cleanliness in particular as well as to the upkeep  of municipal facilities.

The hoteliers association's vice-president, José Antonio Alarcon, says that the association has been calling on the town hall for improvements since February but suggests that the town hall doesn't seem to understand its concerns. "It's as if they've just abandoned the area."

While the tourist season has been excellent, the hoteliers are unimpressed that their efforts and investments are not being matched by the public services. "They seem to be unaware as to how essential a tourist area is. We are only asking that they meet the basics. We're not talking large investment. The town hall thinks that the season is going well and that it doesn't have to do anything. We are looking to change the type of tourist who comes here, but it is impossible to go after a tourism of greater quality if the general environment is not looked after."

Alarcon adds that the association is registering its complaints now to see if anything will be done for next year. It isn't only the hoteliers who are complaining, he notes: so also are tourists. He draws attention to the deplorable state of rubbish containers. These are broken and dirty, and there is dirt surrounding them in the places where they are located. Pavements are "black, sticky, and they smell", while traffic signs are covered with advertising stickers.

He wonders how it is that the Plaza Las Maravillas, which is used in the evenings for market stalls and various attractions, is then left in a "terrible state" during the day, so much so that it is impossible for either residents or tourists to be able to enjoy this public square. "There is an unfortunate image of neglect and total abandonment, and we don't understand how the town hall can allow this."