Guardia Civil officers had to intervene when protesters sought to prevent the Fornalutx bull-run. | Miquel A. Cañellas

The Guardia Civil this morning removed some twenty animal-rights protesters who had blocked a street in Fornalutx in an attempt to prevent the annual "correbou" (bull-run) from taking place. Among them was a Podemos parliamentary deputy, Baltasar Picornell.

The protest meant that the run was delayed by around fifteen minutes. When it took place, the bull of 450 kilos proved to be rather slow and needed coaxing. The bull caused two injuries - a shoulder dislocation and a severed finger. Once the run was over, the bull was taken away to the abattoir in Palma. The meat will be shared out among Fornalutx residents in days to come.

This may prove to be the last bull-run. It has proved to be something of a stumbling-block in legislative moves on animal welfare. Principally driven by the wish to ban bullfighting - the three parties which form the "pact" for regional government - all agree on this, the bull-run and other fiesta events involving animals have not been as straightforward. Members of PSOE in Fornalutx have threatened to leave the party if PSOE in government agrees to the banning of the bull-run. Critics from Més and Podemos believe that elements within PSOE are trying to ensure that the bull-run is excluded from prohibition.

Opposition parties, notably the Partido Popular, appear to be in favour of the bull-run continuing. Some of its members were in Fornalutx to show their support. They included the possible next leader of the PP in the Balearics, Biel Company, and the party's general-secretary, Sebastià Sagreras, the mayor of Campos.