Iva Emilova, who appeared before the judge in Palma yesterday.

02-09-2016Alejandro Sepúlveda

Iva Emilova, the 21-year-old Bulgarian woman who caused the road accident in which three people were killed in April, has admitted to a Palma court that she did not have a driving licence and that the day of the accident was one of the first times she had ever actually driven.

She appeared before the judge yesterday and explained fully what happened on 16 April for the first time. She had previously given a partial declaration following the accident; she was for a while in Son Espases having herself suffered serious injuries in the crash near the motorway exit for Portals Nous.

At the start of the hearing she asked for forgiveness from the families of those who died, in particular the family of the motorcyclist who was knocked off his bike and killed by the BMW convertible she was driving at a speed said to have been up to 170kph.

Her version of events is incomplete, as she says she remembers nothing since arriving in Majorca from Germany a few days before the accident. She did say, however, that she was an habitual drug user, taking a gram of cocaine as well as marijuana on a daily basis. She does not recall if she had taken drugs before the accident.

She added that when the accident occurred she had been on her way to a job interview. The only other survivor of the crash has said that they were on their way to a party.

Following her appearance, the judge ordered that she remains in prison and awaits trial. She faces three counts of reckless homicide.


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Kim Harpley / Hace over 5 years

She should be charged with murder and given life in prison. Taking 3 innocent lives while under the influence of drugs and driving without a licence, at a speed that the average licence holder would be a bit dubious about travelling at, should be enough to lock her up and throw away the key.


Mark / Hace over 5 years

Lock her up for 10 years ban her for life from holding a license and deport her after she has served the whole sentence it's the innocent victims family's we should care about not scum like her