The crashed car was not obviously visible from the motorway. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Consell is in shock and mourning after the body of Juan Jose Crespi Ruiz, the nephew of the mayor, Andreu Isern, and the son of the popular owners of the old Bar Can Mateu, was found dead in a vehicle in a ditch alongside the Inca motorway.

The discovery was made by a Council of Majorca road maintenance worker just after 8am. He was inspecting the stretch of motorway when he spotted the wrecked VW Golf with two bodies trapped inside.

The second body was that of 46-year-old foreigner Susanne Mari Pernill Amersson, who lived in Palma. They had both been dead for a number of hours and the engine was stone cold. According to crash investigators, the vehicle came off the road where there are no crash barriers.

The couple had apparently been out for dinner in the capital and were on their way back to Consell when the accident happened in the early hours of the morning. Given the darkness, no one apparently witnessed the accident. The vehicle was not found until after daybreak because it was hidden in the deep ditch. It had seemingly flipped over a number of times before coming to rest in the ditch- The cause of the accident, near the Alcampo hypermarket complex, has yet to be confirmed.

It is hoped that the results of the autopsy and the forensic examination will reveal the cause of death.

The mayor said that he was "devastated" by the news.