Passengers from large cruise ships are a particular target for the "anti-tourist" activists.

02-08-2016Miquel A. Cañellas

Various associations united under the name Tot Inclòs (all inclusive) organised two days of activities yesterday and today to highlight what they consider to be tourism over-exploitation of Palma. Among those taking part were representatives of the group for people affected by mortgages in Ibiza and of the Barcelona assembly for sustainable tourism.

Toni Pallicer, spokesperson for Tot Inclòs, said that in Ibiza there are people who have to leave rental accommodation in summer because prices are exorbitant. He added: "The intention of these two days has been to make people wake up and take action."

A general complaint from participants was that public investment is oriented only towards tourism and that basic infrastructures are therefore left in precarious situations. The Balearics, Pallicer observed, was one of the regions of Spain where there is more economic growth but also a fall in income per head of population. "Something's wrong."

Opinion was that the greatest damage being caused to Palma is from large cruise ships and the boom in holiday rentals. According to figures offered by Tot Inclòs, there have been more cruise passengers in Palma this year than ever before: more than one and a half million.

"The Mediterranean is becoming the luxury resort for northern European countries,  and those of us who were born here have ever fewer rights. The massive number of tourists in Palma has shades of neo-colonialism."

Among solutions proposed were an end to the promotion of Majorca as a tourist destination and the elimination or reduction of services offered by Palma town hall, such as the tourist card and free wifi in the streets.

At midday today there was an "anti-tourist" route - something that the Bulletin had drawn attention to last week - that covered parts of the city most visited by tourists. Explanations were given as to the impact of services for tourists on residents and public space in the city. Further debates were then had regarding ways to end tourist "saturation". 


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Bonnie / Hace over 5 years

Well, as Simon Tow says, locals may regard the protestors as a 'bunch of loonies' but did Biel Barcelo the minister for tourism not refer to the 'saturation' of tourists which is a pretty emotive term. And is the tourist tax not conceived to 'offset the damage of tourism' And was there not graffiti labelling tourists as terrorists. As I said before I'm not holidaying where I'm not wanted whilst there is a whole world out there which welcomes holidaymakers and there contribution to the local economy.


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

I have checked the online editions of the three local dailies and found nothing about this so called manifestation against saturation. Why therefore is the DB making such a big thing about it ?. Most of the locals think the so called organisers are a bunch of loonys and that they in no way represent the feelings of the majority of around a million people who live on the island.


holidaymaker / Hace over 5 years

And not wanting visitors ? This is not racist ? Its the powerful Hoteliers with all inclusive and cruise ships they need to be protesting about.


John / Hace over 5 years

Its a few people protesting there are 2 million live on this island and not all depend on Tourism, they are complaining about the property prices which is understandable, the same is happening in Devon and Cornwall. I do understand this island owes a lot to tourism but the 'colonist' attitudes are disgusting. The reason I mention those thing regarding councils is that Mallorca has excellent services. Having recently moved here from the UK I hear lots of times from old ex-pats that 'this would never happen in england' well if you don't like it go back but you are in for a shock! I am sorry but the view that they would all be sitting over an olive tree with a donkey is practically racism


northbound / Hace over 5 years

So, where can we go to avoid the saturation of activists?


Holidaymakers / Hace over 5 years

As you say John everybody has a right to protest just has everyone has a right to choose where to go on holiday ..Croatia is being talked about and visited a lot by the British this year and is getting lots of bookings for next year...whos talking about NHS schools and councils services ? How do you know these posts are from british people ? Am i british ? I dont you should jump to conclusions John.


John / Hace over 5 years

Well no wonder they are annoyed with the types of attitudes of the ex-pats that live here judging by these comments, who obviously don't know there backside from their the UK is an amazing country now, the NHS is screwed, education is poor, council services now non-existance? There where very few people protesting and everyone has a right to protest right or wrong but the colonist attitudes displayed in these comments make me ashamed to be British


holidaymaker / Hace over 5 years

I read this and thought to myself do I really want to be going here for the third time this year ?Speaking as a property owner for 25 years i think its about time I gave the real estate office a visit. All the protests graffiti and taxes make it pretty clear mallorca is not wanting visitors. I am going to sell my property and travel to places that make you feel welcolme.


Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

Yes let's get rid of tourists then we can all go back to sitting under our olive tree with our donkey. Such idyllic days, those. We'd kill a pig and salt the meat to see us through winter. Get real! Look around the island. Where's the manufacturing industry with big exports to sustain you when the tourists have gone? Practically everything on this island comes from tourist income, directly or indirectly. Fact.


Silversurfer / Hace over 5 years

Too many tourists ? Too many cruise ships ? Be realistic. What would Mallorca be without tourists ? There would be very few jobs as there is almost no industry. The young would all have to go to the Peninsula for work. Mallorca would die a painful death without tourists. What has caused many of the islands problems is the all inclusive holiday industry which has caused many bars and restaurants to close.