Horses are said to have no shelter from the weather. | PACMA Baleares


The Balearics wing of Pacma, the political party against animal mistreatment, has issued a complaint regarding the "terrible situation" in which horses that haul carriages are being kept. It refers to animals being kept on an urban plot of land without any type of shelter. This means that the horses are exposed to inclement weather and do not have blankets when the temperatures drop. In addition, they are being kept behind temporary fencing. Pacma says that all these are in violation of 1992 animal protection law and of regulation governing urban land.

The party points out that two horses have died in Palma this year. One bolted and crashed into a wall near the Cathedral. The other died as a consequence of injuries  when it was caught in the spokes of another carriage. Pacma says that the owner apparently hadn't wanted to pay for the necessary veterinary treatment that would have saved the horse's life.

Pacma is insisting that the town hall has no other choice than to end the "suffering and death" of horses by getting rid of horse-drawn carriages completely. Rather than by animals, carriages should be motor-driven, thus allowing workers to keep their jobs. A proposal that the carriages be replaced by vintage vehicles, which was made in the lead-up to the municipal election last year, is seemingly not financially viable, Pacma notes.

The town hall is planning a revision of regulations governing horse-drawn carriages and has allowed a period during which proposals can be submitted. This closes on Friday.