Image of work in Puerto Pollensa earlier this year. | Elena Ballestero

Pollensa's full council meeting on Thursday approved the budget for the second phase of Puerto Pollensa's (semi) pedestrianisation project, the ruling administration of the Junts and UMP gaining the support of El Pi and the Partido Popular (the Alternativa and Tots abstained).

However, the delay in definitively agreeing the budget means that there will in fact be three phases. Work that had been scheduled for this winter will not now be completed on time for next season; the town hall will be desperate to avoid any repetition of complaints that were made at the start of this season.

The reason for the delay was funding for the road and its resurfacing - it is in a deplorable condition as it is. The budget was dependent on a half a million euros contribution from the Council of Majorca, which is responsible for main roads. A council meeting at the end of July refused to give the go-ahead for the second phase because the Council's commitment appeared not to have been guaranteed. At the meeting in August, mayor Miquel March withdrew the item for discussion of the budget as this commitment was still outstanding. The Council met with the mayor in early September and finally did make it clear that the funding (494,000 euros to be precise) will be forthcoming. Under the agreement, the road will be ceded to the town hall, as it is to be reclassified.

Tomeu Cifre Bennàsar, councillor for urban planning, regretted the fact that there will have to be a third phase. "It will be impossible to carry out all the work this winter, so it will have to be split in order not to affect the tourism season."