The Pas de Vallgornera cave is off-limits except for scientific exploration. | Tony Merino


The cave of Pas de Vallgornera in Llucmajor is considered to be one of the most important in Majorca. It has some 67 kilometres of as mostly unexplored galleries and tunnels, and the cave itself was only found in 1968 and then by chance: digging was going on to create a cesspool for a hotel.

Recently, there have been concerns about tourist visits being made to the cave. These are totally prohibited. The regional government, via the environment ministry's department for natural spaces and biodiversity, has therefore taken control of the cave once more.

For some years, the cave was being looked after by the Balearic Speleology Federation, but it would seem that its control was not all that it might have been. Access to the cave is restricted by means of a gate. The department demanded the keys to this last February; they were only handed over in August.

The environment ministry says that it must ensure the safety of visitors to the cave. In principle, therefore, it won't allow any visits which are not for scientific purposes.