A civil seaplane arrives in Puerto Pollensa yesterday. | Elena Ballestero


The president of the Majorca Aeronautical Foundation, Miquel Buades, and the colonel of the Puerto Pollensa military base, Román Martínez, yesterday made presentations at the yacht club in which the possibility was raised for a school for hydroaviation (seaplanes) to be based in the bay of Pollensa.

Puerto Pollensa has now become the only place in Spain where civil seaplanes are authorised to land. Unlike other European countries, Spain prohibits civil seaplanes from using coastal waters.

According to Buades, there is great interest from abroad and from Spain for such a school. Requests have apparently been received from the UK, Norway and other countries. He also suggested that seaplanes are a more sustainable and less polluting form of transport than others.

A further possibility - that of a route for tourist flights from Puerto Pollensa to Formentera - was discussed. When this was reported last week, reaction seemed mostly negative, not least from the Council of Formentera. It hadn't been told anything about the idea, but even it had, the answer would have been no.

Elsewhere in Europe, there is a project supported by the EU for some 100 hydroaviation areas.

To mark the occasion yesterday, a plane flew in from Madrid.