There are two investigations ongoing for alleged corruption at Alcudia town hall. | Archive


The Guardia Civil's criminal police is investigating an allegation of corruption related to urban planning in Alcudia. Officers went to the town hall some four weeks ago and wanted to speak to former mayor Coloma Terrassa (now a councillor in opposition) and a municipal technician.

The police were responding to a complaint regarding the granting of a building licence during the period when Terrassa was mayor (2011 to 2015). Suspicions centre on a technician in the urban planning and works department who, it is being alleged, asked for "donations" of several thousands of euros in return for not obstructing paperwork for a licence. In fact, this technician, identified as J.D., appeared before an Inca court in January; the anti-corruption prosecution service had demanded the appearance. The judge opened proceedings which are ongoing.

This is not the only corruption investigation involving the town hall. In October 2015 the police took all the original signed records (from 2003 to 2014) relating to the Pollensa-based Nordesport. There is suspicion of favourable treatment having been shown to the company, which had started out as a gym but had expanded its activities through contracts through the town hall's social services department.