The Balearic government is investing heavily in cycling tourism.


Almost three-quarters of a million euros (736,767 euros) are to be invested in improving the cycling tourist network in seven Majorcan municipalities. The investment will bring about a significant advance in safety.

The investment has been announced by tourism minister Biel Barceló. It will be paid for from the consortium fund of tourist accommodation (the fund made up by payments by hotels to "regularise" places). The Balearic Tourism Agency, responsible for tourism promotion, has developed the investment plan.

Barceló stresses the importance of cycling tourism as a tourist product for the "winter" season, though it is most evident in spring and increasingly - as can be observed in parts of the island this year - in autumn. This type of tourism, he noted, is beneficial to villages in the island's interior and so therefore to businesses in these places.

The improvements and greater safety will be for the network that runs from Santa Eugenia up to Pollensa. In addition to resurfacing, signage is to also be upgraded. The improvement work will be for 27 kilometres for three existing routes that start in Sencelles, Inca and Puerto Pollensa. Work is expected to last three months and start early next year.


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Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

As someone who worked in a UK county highways local authority for ten years, may I say that three-quarters of a million euros is a mere drop in the ocean. A straight forward junction improvement is easily one quarter of a million euros. It is about time the island did something to improve cycling. It could start by sweeping gutters of debris. It could also educate cyclists about the safe roads to use, rather than leaving the cycle companies to do it. And educate them about the Highway Code because some do not know the rules of the road.


Rob Dickinson / Hace over 5 years

Paul part of the appeal of bringing in cyclists is that they tend to 'book-end' the season, when the sun seekers are falling away, so investing in improving the road surfaces is also investing in extending the season. As someone who's been involved with taking out groups of cyclists, I can honestly say this year I've noticed a massive rise in the positive comments about the roads here. The UK seems to have had a lot of 'tar and chippings' type re-surfacing on cyclist's preferred minor roads, where as here the resurfacing is fantastic. Combined with less traffic and far more tolerant drivers cyclists return year after year, and usually with friends.


Simon F / Hace over 5 years

I came to Mallorca for cycling every March for 20 years. I then brought my wife and three kids one summer and have ended up buying a house here. These improvements can only extend the tourist season. If only we could get rid of the all inclusives; the main reason for the closing of local bars and restaurants.


lennart bjolgerud / Hace over 5 years

The 750k will create a very strong momentum for hotels associated with outdoor activities to extend their season,adding weeks or months to employment in these areas over time. Although not completely quantifiable and definitely difficult to compare to other investments, I do believe the spend and behaviour of cycling enthusiasts, is a huge contributor to growth-especially as many of the riders,bring back their families during the summer, effectively doubling up on their spending.


Jon Milburn / Hace over 5 years

As someone who has been involved in taking cycling partys out recently ,I was gobsmacked at the amount of money that they where prepared to spend .hi end customers with deep pockets.they might not want to be magaluf but they do want 5 star hotels,restaurants,cycle shops to spend money in .dont knock em


Paul / Hace over 5 years

I've just read that tourist minister is going to invests three quarters of a million euros in to the cycling but can I ask as a tax payer how much revenue does the cyclist bring to the island compared to other tourist because I would think it would be money better spent promoting Mallorca as number 1 short haul distension let's bring them back then work on the cyclist