Landowners in the Tramuntana could be eligible for grants for conservation. | Miquel A. Cañellas


The managing board of the Tramuntana mountains Consortium has approved subventions that could be taken up by private owners in order to conserve and restore their property. The consortium will also continue to offer Grants to town halls in the Tramuntana so that they are able to undertake Conservation. The Budget for this will be 230,000 euros.

The consortium's budget, which will be 1.35 million euros in 2017, will in addition go towards an education/information programme which will involve local schools, accommodation providers (including the Council of Majorca's refuges) and school buses. The budget will not require payment of a salary for a manager of the consortium. The present intention is not to reappoint one.

A working group of mayors will take on responsibilities for decisions that affect the Tramunana. This working group was first discussed at a meeting of mayors at the Raixa finca in Bunyola when the fifth anniversary of the declaration of the World Heritage Site was being celebrated.

The Council of Majorca wants to also promote the Serra de Tramuntana brand for the mountains' farm produce. This idea arose during a visit by the councillor for land, Mercedes Garrido, to the Soller Cooperative. The board, meanwhile, is supporting the international application for recognition of the technique of dry-stone construction as intangible cultural heritage.