Snow expected to fall on Majorca's highest peak on Monday. | Archive


The summer weather in Majorca is about to come to an end. A cold front will move in tomorrow and though highs will still be in the twenties, by Sunday the maximum is likely to be just 13C.

The Aemet meteorology agency says that the change will be abrupt. Temperatures above normal for the time of year will be replaced by those which are more typical or indeed well below what can usually be expected: 20 to 21 degrees is normal for early November.

The weekend is forecast to be wet with widespread but moderate rainfalls. The unstable conditions will continue into next week. Snow is forecast for the highest peak (Puig Major) on Monday with the snow line potentially down to 1,000 metres by Tuesday. Temperatures are expected to climb from Thursday but not to the levels that have been experienced this week. The highs are due to be around 17 or 18 degrees.

November is historically the month when it rains the most. The rainfall for the first half is expected to be normal but the second half could well be wetter than usual. In the Tramuntana around 180 litres of rain per square metre are common for the month, and if there is this rainfall (plus a little snow), then it will be good news for the reservoirs.