The Paseo Maritimo is one area of Palma singled out for its noise. | Archive


The federation of residents' associations in Palma is demanding that the town hall finds a solution to the problem of increasing noise from bars and restaurants, traffic and street-drinking parties.

Its president, Joan Forteza, says that although "botellón" street drinking is banned, it is proliferating in numerous areas of the city. The local police say that when they monitor one area, the botellón moves to another.

As for bars and restaurants, Forteza complains that many fail to stick to their closing times, which means that residents are unable to sleep. He stresses the fact that rest is a right for citizens.

On traffic noise, the town hall's plan for sustainable urban mobility does recognise the problem and has recommendations for cutting traffic.

Forteza notes that Anne Moilanen, whose role is akin to an ombudsman for Palma, has said that she has received more complaints about noise than anything else. The federation's president identifies Es Jonquet, Can Pastilla-Arenal, Son Gotleu-Pere Garau, El Terreno, Gomila, the Paseo Marítimo and Nou Llevant as the areas where there are most complaints.

He wants the town hall to revise the existing noise bylaw and unify all current regulations in order to ensure compliance. The town hall, it is understood, is not currently looking at a bylaw revision.