The Tramuntana coast in Pollensa. | Xesca Serra


The first citizens' consultation regarding the management of the Tramuntana mountains has been held. Under the auspices of the consortium for the Tramuntana World Heritage, the meeting was at Council of Majorca offices and was one of six workshops that are planned. According to Mercedes Garrido, councillor for land and infrastructure, these are intended to define the way forward for managing this heritage.

Those participating are from municipalities in the Tramuntana, and their conclusions will be used in drafting a management plan for the next few years. The attendees at the first meeting were also members of groups such as environmentalists GOB and the farmers' union.

Subsequent workshops are to be held between 24 November and 20 December in Valldemossa, Soller, Selva, Alaro and Pollensa. More may be scheduled.

The Council is at pains to point out that everyone's opinion is being sought. Hence, there is a questionnaire open to all.

The workshops are covering three main subject areas: socioeconomics and tourism; cultural and natural heritage; communication, participation and education. Each session consists of the two or three groups in order to make the task more flexible and dynamic. Participants identify positive and negative aspects of the current situation regarding the Tramuntana and come up with proposals for improvement.