K-tuin. Its Palma store reckons sales were up by 70%. | K-tuin


Black Friday has become Black Weekend for many shops, which are continuing with discounts tomorrow; this Sunday is one of the Sundays when large stores can open.

In Palma, retailers are reporting mixed results. In the case of the department store El Corte Inglés, sales on Friday were well up compared with last year. But the smaller stores were not totally convinced. The president of Pimeco, Bernat Coll, was relatively optimistic that sales will turn out to have been up by as much as 10%, but Rafael Ballester of Afedeco felt that while there were more people than last year, sales were down.

Although there has been a whole range of products on offer, technology has been one of the main winners. In El Corte Inglés, discounts on electronic goods have been greater than during the normal sales period, while specialist stores have been doing particularly well. K-tuin, which specialises in Apple products, recorded its best Black Friday, while MediaMarkt experienced increased sales.

Online, total Black Friday sales volume is expected to have been over 1,250 million euros, and airlines tickets were among the most sought-after purchases.