Calvia town hall: the 2017 budget will increase by over 3%. | Michels


Calvia's budget is to increase by 3.2% to 89.3 million euros next year on top of which are consolidated budgets for publicly owned municipal agencies that take the total to 110.6 million.

Investments are to rise by 35.7%, with focuses to be on employment and training, economic development and innovation, participation and transparency, safety and security, housing, health, education and culture.

The budget will reflect agreements on investment between the mayor's party, PSOE, and the Esquerra Oberta (Open Left). It doesn't anticipate there being more debt, while a 6.6% reduction in financial costs (debt repayments) is forecast.

The main area of spending will be on infrastructure, for which 33.6 million euros are to be allocated. Of other areas, these include 18.1 million for administrative and financial services, twelve million for the police and security, and 8.3 million for tourism, sport and the environment.

The agencies' budget covers the likes of the Calvia 2000 municipal services agency and the municipal institute of education and libraries.

The whole budget is due to be approved at an extraordinary council session to be held shortly.