Extraordinary photo: Alberto Jarabo (top left); Montse Seijas (the Podemos deputy expelled by the party two to his left); Vicenç Vidal (environment minister) who is smiling at Marc Pons (housing and transport), who appears to have fallen asleep.

07-12-2016Jaume Morey

Speaking in parliament today, the leader of Podemos, Alberto Jarabo, said that he does not agree with the approach being taken by the government in tackling tourism seasonality. It will not, he stated, reduce the number of tourists in summer.

"We are asking for containment. More tourists do not mean a reduction in job insecurity, whether in summer or winter." Jarabo added that the people of the Balearics do not deserve the "tourist bubble" that has burst out.

Jarabo was wanting to know if the government intends directing tourism promotion policy alongside the island councils and town halls in order that it is adapted to the current situation of "saturation". (He has been saying that there shouldn't be any promotion.)

President Armengol responded by saying that the Balearic Tourism Agency will next week present its plan of action. This has been developed in coordination with the councils for the first time and takes into account the specific needs of each island.


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Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

No they don´t, the taxpayer does.

This is where their thought process finishes.


Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

Oooh ooh ooh those pesky tourists Coming here for ages What the heck's the point of them? Oh yes - they pay our wages!


Chris / Hace over 5 years

We have been coming to Mallorca for a number of years, from before all the problems with Turkey etc and will continue to come there even when Turkey become a money saving safe destination as we come to Mallorca not for a cheap holiday but because we love the island the peace and tranquility of some resorts compared to the huddle and bustle of the busy shopping areas in Palma the friendly local people. Just love this island.


Mike(Belgium ) / Hace over 5 years

My point of view is that there should be a control on volumes of tourists for several reasons : general quality of life for inhabitants, quality of vacation for tourists ( if it keeps like it is, and even more tourists will come to Mallorca, a lot of Mallorca faithfulls we chooseat a certain moments for quiter places to stay, needed rest for the people who work in tourist industry during November until February and preserving authenticity, nature and local culture. Mass tourism is a shor view economically spoken. Once regions like Tunesia, Turkey etc will become saver, Mallorca will very quickly lose this contingent of tourists and may in the meantime have lost the other contingent who slowly left Mallorca


Mike / Hace over 5 years

You clowns need to make up your mind you either want us tourists to keep you in jobs and put food on your table for your kids or let you go into a depression so deep you will scrounging like all the other 3rd world country's