Trafico is checking on illegal races in the Tramuntana.

18-12-2016Alejandro Sepúlveda

Two motorcyclists, who were registered doing speeds of 158kph and 159kph respectively, have been fined and charged with a criminal offence by the Guardia Civil's Trafico division.

The motorcyclists were recorded by a Trafico radar last week. They were on a stretch of road in the Tramuntana mountains heading towards the Puig Major. The speed limit is 70kph.

Trafico and mayors of municipalities in the mountains have been concerned about illegal races which take place in the Tramuntana. Controls are now regularly mounted at strategic points. Curiously enough, Trafico recently fined motorcyclists for going excessively slowly, believing that they were engaged in an illegal race.


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anthony hartnell / Hace over 4 years

It's about time they charged these idiots! Every single weekend, the come, sometimes in large groups speeding past our Finca in the San Pedro Valley, terrorizing everybody in their path! These bozos are all suffering some form of "mid life crisis"! The Guardia Civil should set up speed traps every weekend until this nonsense stops. Also, they should all be tested to see if they've been drinking as many of them can be found drinking in bars along their route.