The mother was found on 20 December after one of the children asked two gardeners for help. | Vasil Vasilev


The Majorca Institute of Social Services has located the father of the three children who were found to have been living with their dead mother. Psychologists and others from the institute are talking with the father and assessing whether or not he should be allowed to take care of the children.

Margalida Puigserver, the Council of Majorca's councillor for social welfare and the president of the institute, says that the children are due to leave Son Espases Hospital today. They were taken into hospital on the day - 20 December - when their mother's body was found at their apartment in Palma; they were suffering from malnutrition and dehydration.

Puigserver adds that that the children - 5, 10 and 11 - are all now in good health and have been sharing a room at the hospital as they hadn't wanted to be separated. They are to be looked after at a children's centre run by the social services institute.

If it is decided that the father cannot himself look after the children and if there are no other family who can do so, then the institute will arrange foster care. Puigserver notes that a family with children at the same school as the three has expressed its willingness in looking after them.