Hoteliers in Soller are concerned about noise. | Archive


In drafting new ordinance governing noise, Soller town hall arrived at an agreement with constructors. The local hoteliers, however, have made submissions in the hope that there will be amendments along "common sense" lines. They believe that there can't be guarantees that the peace of tourists and residents will not be affected.

The hoteliers maintain that the bylaw represents a return to times in the past and doesn't take into account the specific nature of the municipality or its tourism character. The draft as it stands, they say, was written because constructors had rejected an earlier version, and it doesn't contain justifiable limitations placed on the use of certain types of machinery during the summer months. Specifically, there aren't set hours when this machinery can be used.

The town hall should, therefore, determine what type of machinery can have limited use in summer, such as pneumatic drills and compressors. The list of machinery was included in the earlier version but was withdrawn at the request of the builders' association.