In court - Fernando B.M. accepted the four-year sentence for attempted murder. | Alejandro Sepulveda


Fernando B.M. has accepted a four-year prison sentence, having pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of his wife. The prosecutor had called for fifteen years.

The court in Palma heard that he was unwilling to accept the divorce that his wife had requested. From June 2014, he began a campaign of harassment, following her and keeping watch while she was at work. This got to the point where his wife needed to be accompanied because she was afraid that he would find her alone. His intimidation was such that he told her that he would end up "in clink" but she would be in "a hole".

On 16 April 2015, he went to the bar that his wife ran in Son Ferrer. He was carrying a loaded shotgun. The bar was closed but he hid on the terrace and waited to take her by surprise. When she came, the shotgun was fired prematurely, and he shot himself in the right armpit. His wife called the Guardia Civil and he has been in custody ever since.

In addition to the sentence, he has paid a fine of 2,160 euros, handed over 40,000 euros compensation to his now ex-wife, must undertake 120 days of community service, is barred from possessing a weapon for ten years and cannot go within five kilometres of his ex-wife.