Cash seized after arrests of Bulgarians exploiting two fellow countrymen.


Two Bulgarians, described as "dangerous", have been arrested by the National Police and charged with forcing two men to beg under threats of violence.

Last Saturday, two Bulgarian citizens went to the National Police headquarters and reported that they were victims of human trafficking. The police's unit for tackling immigration networks and falsification of documentation was immediately placed in charge of investigation, while the protocol for care and protection was applied to the two men, who said that they were enticed by promises of work and a better life. Both are young and without any mobility issues.

One arrived in Majorca at the start of October and the second less than a month ago. They were obliged to stay at the property of the two people arrested and endured conditions of servitude. Each day they were made to beg at retail centres in Santa Ponsa and at the Ocimax centre in Palma. They both needed to collect one hundred euros a day. If not, there were beatings with punches or an iron bar.

Initially, say the police, they were blindfolded when they left the property and returned to it. They were also given a phone, which could only receive calls: ones from their "lords" to check on how much was being collected and to issue instructions.

The police were able to identify the two accused, where they were living, their vehicles and the places where the two victims were begging. They were intercepted in their car on Wednesday in Santa Ponsa near to where they were living.

A police search of the vehicle and the property uncovered 34 plastic bags, each with some ten euros in coins, a further 3,000 euros in coins and notes, an iron/aluminium bar, poppers, anabolic steroids, various electronic devices and the victims' documentation.

The two victims, it is reported, slept on mattresses in a corridor at the property and ate what was given to them by people who were out shopping. One of them was also being prepared for homosexual sexual exploitation.

The police say that their action has prevented the arrival of other victims.