Obsolescent or not, it doesn't help if a pipe is broken. | J.F. Mestre


There are around three cuts to water supplies per day in Palma. Last year the total was 1,104, a figure much the same as the previous two years - 1,027 in 2015 and 1,212 in 2014.

The areas of the city which are most affected are Arenal, Can Pastilla/El Molinar, Coll d'en Rabassa, Pere Garau/Son Canals, Sant Pere, Son Espanyolet, El Terreno and El Amanecer. The Emaya agency doesn't know how many people are affected.

The cuts are put down to the age of the network, but in 2016 there was a significant effort made in renovating the network in areas where it was obsolescent: Son Espanyolet and Son Cotoner were the first to be given attention. Work has also started in El Terreno, with Coll d'en Rabassa and Amanecer the next on the list. In the case of the latter project, this has been proposed for funding from the tourist tax revenue. If this is received, then work will also start elsewhere.

Obsolescence of the network is a major challenge for Emaya. Its investment between this year and 2019 will be in the region of nine million euros, some 4.5 million euros having been allocated to the Son Espanyolet / Son Cotoner and El Terreno renovations.