Santander bank occupies the ground floor of the building. | Pere Bota


The regional government is to sell two properties it owns along Palma's golden mile, i.e. the Born. They are the third and fourth floors of number 17, valued at, respectively, 1.89 and 1.96 million euros. The finance ministry has opened the process for their eventual sale without having set prices. They are, nevertheless, expected to go on the market at around their valuations.

The decision to sell them is because they are no longer considered to be necessary for providing a public service. The sales are also attractive to the finance ministry because of the very high price per square metre.

The two floors used to be the property of the government's CAIB Patrimoni company, which was dissolved in 2013, meaning that they then came under direct government ownership. At present they fall under the housing directorate at the ministry for land (and energy and transport). Part of the regional attorney's office used to be housed at number 17 before being moved to the Plaça del Rosari.

The government has other assets it is looking to sell, such as plots on the industrial estate in Soller. The previous administration of José Ramón Bauzá had considered selling these but didn't because of the depressed nature of the market at the time.