In Porreres a house collapsed as a result of the weather. | Gori Vicens


Thirty-two municipalities in Majorca are claiming compensation of over eight million euros for damage caused by the weather events of December and January. The Council of Majorca has been receiving these demands, which relate mainly to buildings and other property (public and private), and will forward them to the national government's delegation. These claims are in addition to those for crops that are being handled by the environment and agriculture ministry.

Madrid has adopted urgent measures for the consequences of the rain, snow and wind between 17 and 23 December and 15 and 23 January. Claims under these measures can be made directly by municipalities, but the Council has facilitated the process and will channel most of them itself. The period for filing claims ended on 10 February.

In addition to the 32 municipalities, there are some which have presented claims but without the corresponding valuation; this is the case with Palma, for instance. Other municipalities and individuals are sending their claims straight to the delegation.

The highest amount being claimed out of a total of 8,473,397 euros is one of almost 2.5 million by Manacor.